History of museum

Exhibition June / July 2020

11. 6. - 28. 7. 2020

Exhibition June / July 2020

Visitors can see the exhibition of the most interesting objects from the collection of the Museum of Historical Chamber pots and Toilets in Laufen Prague Gallery, I. P. Pavlova 5 (entrance from Legerova Street), Prague 2, between 11 June and 28 July 2020.

11. 6. - 28. 7. 2020

I. P. Pavlova 5, Prague 2

Suspension of museum operation, preparation of online museum and books

March 1, 2018

"For seven years we operated a stone Museum of historical pots and toilets, first at the fortress Třebotov and later in Prague. Now the collection is stored in a private depository, we lend the exhibits to other museums for thematic short-term exhibitions and filmmakers. together we look forward to reopening the museum after the reorganization and expansion of the exhibition.

Our goal is to de-taboo and popularize this area of human hygiene and to present objects related to it as highly aesthetic and of high quality even in terms of art-craft. We also want to highlight the technological advances and innovations taking place in this neglected intimate part of our culture. "

(From the introduction of the book "TOILETS, NIGHTS AND OTHER BACKGROUND"   published in 2020 and for sale in our e-shop)

We were extremely pleased with the operation of the museum thanks to the positive feedback from visitors. However, we admit that funding from own resources, without subsidies and donors, is an economically demanding hobby. It is time to carry out more commercial activities, which also generate resources to develop the collection. Therefore, the door of the museum closed at the end of February 2018 and now the collection is in the depository. We are constantly expanding it and lending exhibits to other museums and filmmakers. One of them is currently filming scenes with Orlando Bloom in the new series. We expect to open the museum to the public again in some time, but now the ONLINE MUSEUM is in the final stages of preparations and in 2020 a comprehensive book will be published on the historical development of toilets and potty, from recent history to the present. of the future and an extensive catalog part presenting the collection of the museum "TOILETS, NIGHTS, AND OTHER BACKGROUND".

March 1, 2018

Collection in the depository

Placement in the tourist center of Prague occurred when the owners decided to bring the collection closer to foreign visitors to Prague.

"The unique features of our collection include a potty made for Napoleon Bonaparte, for Lincoln's White House bedroom, for Titanic, for Chinese Emperor Chie-lung, or for Countess Mathilda Nostitz. The collection also includes specialized literature, postcards, paintings, jokes and many other small curiosities, such as figures of Spanish nativity scenes Kaganeros, baroque flea mousetrap and other items. personal hygiene. "

(From the introduction of the book "TOILETS, NIGHTS AND OTHER BACKGROUND"   published in 2020 and for sale in our e-shop)

FEBRUARY 1, 2017

Michalska 1, Prague 1
Over time, the interest of visitors forced the opening of the museum with daily operation. Due to better accessibility and future intentions of the fortress sale, the owners decided to place the exhibition for the public in Prague.

"Our collection today contains more than 2200 items from the 15th century to the present - potty of various shapes, use and materials, urinals, toilet trunks, chairs, armchairs, travel toilets, squat and sitting toilets, urinals and bidets."

(From the introduction of the book "TOILETS, NIGHTS AND OTHER BACKGROUND" published in 2020 and for sell in our e-shopu)

JANUARY 14, 2014

Vyšehradská 12, Prague 2

It all started in 2000, when we bought the devastated fortress Třebotov. During its reconstruction we found two medieval toilets. We started to collect toilets and pots and the first collection was created in the three rooms accessible from the fortress courtyard.

OCTOBER 1, 2010

Třebotov forterss


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