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The public service of the Museum as a regular exhibition was terminated on 28. 2. 2018

Following this date, the Museum of Historical Chamber Pots and Toilets shall be operated solely in digital form only. This form will offer a virtual 3D tour, e-catalogue (including individual objects shown with detailed descriptions in Czech and English version), e-excursions with worksheets for schools, e-shop with stylish merchandise, and an e-book. We shall also offer lectures with the option of demonstrating our exclusive museum objects.

From then on, the complete collection will be kept as private. Similarly to our current standards, cooperation on short-term exhibitions and lending of our exhibits to other museums or institutions will be available.

The decision to change the form of service of the Museum was not easy. We are a private, non-profit organization, which does not use any subsidies and is completely self-funded, and therefore the current situation is very difficult. Furthermore, we are (or will be in the future) burdened with administrative obstacles and regulations, such as the EET (Digital evidence of income), or the unreasonable procedures in regards to commercial promotions by the MHMP (Prague City Hall). The current site located in Michalská 1, Prague 1 is commercially attractive for other profitable entrepreneurial activities, such as coffee shops or restaurants, and thus made it impossible for us to refuse the offers. The income generated from the lease revenue will make it possible for us to continuously expand the collection, and further research this area of human hygiene. Nevertheless, visitors are still welcome to come to the current site for a cup of delicious coffee and enjoy the new electronic form of our collection.

We are looking forward to see you!

Renáta and Jan Sedláček – The Museum and collection owners



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