2200 exponates, Coming soon in the online museum, in 2020 a book will be published

Welcome in biggest

museum of chamber pots and toilets

the largest of its kind in the world
currently only in online form

The owners of the museum decided to temporarily suspend the operation of the stone museum, but even while the collection items are in the depository, they continue to expand their collection. In the modern world they go with the times and therefore want to enable the general public to view the entire collection from anywhere in the world. That is why they are preparing an ONLINE TOUR OF THE MUSEUM OF HISTORICAL NIGHTS AND TOILETS, which will be launched soon and in 2020 the book "TOILETS, NIGHTS AND OTHER BACKGROUND" will be published !!!
In the electronic museum you will find about 2,200 exhibits from the 15th century to the present. You can see pots of various shapes, use and materials, urinals, basins, toilet chests, armchairs, carriage toilets and ceramic toilet. The collection also includes literature, postcards, paintings, jokes and many other small curiosities and personal hygiene items.


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